Wheelchair Transportation

Fraser Ambulance provides ambulatory and wheelchair transport services for clients all over the state of Iowa.  Fraser provides transportation services whether you’re going to a doctor’s appt, going out to eat, running to the grocery store, going to visit family, etc.  Both local and long distance transportation is available.

Our ADA-compliant wheelchair vans feature hydraulically operated wheelchair lifts, tie-downs with seatbelts, and all the necessary equipment to transport you or your loved one safely and securely.

Fraser’s drivers bring 114 years of experience with them to ensure each client gets treated with the utmost courtesy and compassion.  Our drivers just don’t dump you off at the curb either.  Fraser’s drivers ensure that each and every client gets to the specific destination safely and on time.  Not sure where a certain clinic is located? That’s ok! Fraser’s drivers will not only take you to your appointment, but will also ensure you get checked in.